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  • pricing for hand embroidery

    Hi all,
    have a question about pricing I'm finally ready to take the plunge and start trying to sell some of my Japanese embroidery, my problem is apart from the Japanese Embroidery Center I can't find anyone selling anything similar in order to compare prices. I've looked on ebay, etsy, and a number of other craft sites.
    The prices JEC charge are very high but reflect a lifetime of stitching experience and also the fact that their pieces are larger than mine.

    So my question is this, if I were to charge between £75-£100 per piece do you think that would be too much?
    The pieces will still be hand embroidered using silk threads onto silk fabric, and will come stretched ready for framing.
    The ones I have stitched so far have taken about one or two weeks to complete, so given the materials and time £75 doesn't seem like a lot to me but then I can appreciate the time involved.

    For anyone who doesn't know my work you can see examples on the site or blog below. These pieces shown there are larger than the ones I'm intending to sell and the designs will be different as well (the ones on the site and blog are JEC designs and so not mine to sell).

    Any opinions


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    Married to a man whose work commands prices in excess of £4000 for one item, which reflects the time and skill required, I am aware of your predicament. Ask yourself how much you and many others pay a garage for your car to be serviced and what is their hourly rate? Why should a craftsman be worth any less. Do not undersell yourself - quality will out.


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      I agree, don't undersell yourself. I do understand the dilemma as i do a lot of French hand sewing and in the end what seams like a reasonable price is still only paying yourself peanuts. You will find the customer who appreciates what they are buying and they will pay the asking price and while others might complain they won't be customers. There is still a mentality out there that reads handmade must mean cheep!
      Ask yourself what you would be willing to pay for such a fabulous piece as yours..........
      Wishing you well, Sue