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  • What drill?

    Hi all

    I would like to make jewellery from natural materials like crystals, shells etc. and want to make my own things from scratch. I know zero about drills except that all the cheap handheld ones I tried didn't work ;-) Now that I could invest in a good drill if I wanted to, which one is the best? You'll probably answer dremel, but which one? What should I make sure I have or equally what to avoid? Many thanks

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    you can drill stones with any drill it is the drill bit that is special. you need a diamond bit. my advice would be to go to your local library or loock on the internet for Lapidary.

    How do i drill stones? Use a diamound driil piece. Recommended speed: 5,000 - 10,000 rpm. this speed is recommended for drill sizes 0.7mm - 2.5mm. The smaller the drill the higher the speed. Drilling must be done under water or with a suitable coolant. Use rapid up and down motion to allow drill tip to keep cool. Place the back of the stone on glass to minimize chipping when the drill breaks through.
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      ...I use a dremel multipro and also a straightforward drill press in my work. The dremel is really adaptable but for reliability I use the drill press. If i'm cutting glass, stone etc I use diamond coated bits (carbide ones are useless)...if you want to make circles, discs etc use a diamond core drill bit...the type plumbers use to cut marble.
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        check out www shesto co uk for a small hand drill plus all drill bits that may help you out.


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          shells you can easily drill through with masonary bits you could use hss but they wouldnt be any good afterwards but for anything else you might want to get a copy of a good book on rocks and minerals which will tell you what hardness each stone etc is as some ie silicon (often found as flint) is reknowned to be a pretty tough customer. I have quite an old dremmel and use diamond tipped bits in a flexi drive to keep the risk of water splashing into the drill from the water tray I aslo rough shape stones with a 4inch diamond disc tile cutter before putting them into the tumbler that way they dont take quite so long to take the corners off also you have a little more controll over the final shape