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  • Ebay emails

    Ive just got an email saying Im suspended from Ebay!!!!

    Its asked me to fill in details, like social security number, drivers licence number!!!

    Im sure i didnt fill in anything like that before and Im really not keen on doing that at all!!

    What do I do?

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    I would strongly recommend you don't fill it in. Apparently there have been a lot of ebay ****s lately done via email and requesting people's info. Go to this page on ebay and request that they confirm the email is genuine before you do anything as sometimes even logging in via the email can give your info out.



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      There are constant ****s going on with this sort of thing. Do NOT fill any details in. Just send it to [email protected] and let them deal with it.

      I have been getting loads of emails regarding my bank security and all of them asking for loads of info. Firstly I don't bank with any of the banks which have come up and none of them would know that email addy anyway!!!

      Report and delete!!!!!
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        Very wise advice.

        Ive deleted it already, if it happens again I report it.I hate filling in things like that, Id never give over bank info unless I knew it was the real thing.Why on earth did they ask for my driving licence number??!!


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          Almost all emails from ebay / paypal / banks are fake...

          Do not trust any of them.....

          Golden rule
          Always... no really ALWAYS type in the URL (web address) directly into the browser...

          NEVER click on links in emails..

          Hope that helps..

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