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    i'm fairly new to stamping and my friend has kindly given my a couple of multi coloured pads one had a little brush for application which I have found very useful but when I looked for a new one I couldn't find anything similar. Can anyone recommend how to use multi coloured pads (the colours are to close to apply the stamp onto the pad) either a brush or a sponge or something. Also can anyone recommend a good metallic pad.

    Just crafting for fun and relaxation

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    Hello, I had dabbled in stamping over the years but decided to go to classes to learn more. I have only ever been shown to use brushes when inking paper directly with a brush or when colouring in an outlined image with it. Usually the ink pads that have more than one colour on one pad are meant to give some graduation to the stamp/stamped image or brayer (roller). What is the make of the ink pad and brush? Ive never seen one that comes together. What type of ink is it?

    I always apply my ink pad directly to my stamp. I load my brayer directly from the pad, some people then roll a brayer on a stamp but I don't.

    Metallic inks that I have seen are slow to dry much like pigment inks. I'm not sure if they are pigment inks as Ive never bothered to read the back of the pad, perhaps I should. The more glossy the card, the longer the ink takes to dry. I sometimes sprinkle clear embossing powder over mine to make sure they are 'set' or I dab over the image to make sure there isn't excess wet ink.

    Ive added a tutorial to show how Ive seen rainbow / multi colour inks pads used before. This is a long tutorial as the lady makes her own ink pad. You can see similar home made ink pads if you Google babywipe technique. You might have to add Youtube or Stampin Up to the search. The tuutorial is long but you can fast forward it.
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      Welcome to the wonderfully addictive world of stamping ... thee are so many options to keep you busy

      Multi coloured pads are often used with a Brayer or swiped direct to glossy card for background techniques. Take a look at some of Barbara Grey's work for examples and how to do this...

      There is at least one kind of ink pad (I'm not sure of the name) that comes with inks that separate or push together depending on what you want to use them for and they look like an old fashioned paintbox. I found them hard to work with, especially as I work ink pad to stamp rather than pressing the stamp into the ink... I do that mainly because it gives more control and helps with even ink loading. Unless I am using stencils I dislike wasting ink by loading it to a brush or sponge to then load it to a stamp and I would sooner use direct markers for that purpose, although it can help to use a brayer to load ink onto larger background stamps to ensure full even coverage.

      Metallic ink pads...they are lovely but they really do take forever and a day to dry - and even then some never dry totally...not even with a hefty blast from a heat gun. Smudged images are a disaster and the only way to be certain they will dry is to use clear embossing powder over the top and set them that way...or simply go for a metallic embossing powder. You could also use metallic pens to stamp with but you need to clean your stamps immediately or they will stain...that won't affect the stamp quality (at least not on good quality stamps) but it does not look nice when stamps are all grotty

      Hope that has helped... have fun