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How do you put a clasp on a necklace?

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  • How do you put a clasp on a necklace?

    I got inspired by going along to the Farnboough Make it fair. I am trying to get into making t-shirts too hence I went along for ideas. Anyway I have decided to try my hand at jewellery making.

    I am using the elasticy thread. I am ok with beading it - using the crimps etc. But am unsure how to put the clasp on. I am using the standard one you need to pinch open. One end of the thread I loop and crimp so I have something for the clasp to grasp into. The other end I loop a crimp then the clasp then another crimp so it holds in place. It doesn't lok great. Am I doing something wrong?

    I think I might swop to looped chain if this is all I can do.

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    First off Elasticy thread isnt a good idea for making a nice necklace with. It tends to stretch too much then 'PING' all the beads pop off. Try using some tigertail, or something nylon coated. It's a lot more stronger. Keeping the crimps, using a callotte on the end of the wire will connect the trigger clasp. Similarly you can use a Wire Guardian. I have put up a couple of links so you can see what i am on about!

    Callotte - Thread the wire through, crimp, then close the cups, then hang the clasp on the end


    Wire Guardians - Thread the wire up and over the guardian, and crimp at the bottom. Then add on your clasp using s jump ring or similar.

    Best thing is to pop to your local beadshop or good bookshop and buy a basic beading book for about £10. I hopes this helps.
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      Thanks for that. I will check that out. Glad you posted picis as I am still unfamiliar with some terms.

      I have bought some wire to use too - this might be tigertail? I want to try different materials - I notice the thin cotton thread does not hold crimps so I'll give that a miss.

      I am not sure about beads with 2 crimps either side of it. Would this necklace sell? I am checking out my necklaces and they have all sorts of funky chains on them etc.


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        The nylon wire usually comes on a reel, like this

        starting with the 7 strand varieties is a good start. Its cheaper then the 19 and 49 strand.
        Then experimenting with the different strengths it comes in. It is a little stronger and stiffer then tigertail. I find tigertail too 'plasticky', but thats my own opinion! (don't shout at me everyone!).

        Leave the cotton thread to the other sow'n'sows! hehe

        When you say beads with crimps either side of it, do you mean like a floating necklace? Sorry, little confuzzled.
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          This is how I make it - I thread a crimp then my beads then another crimp. So lets say I have one big bead and 2 lil ones by its side then a crimp either side of the two lil ones.

          This isnt mine but this is the kinda the effect I am getting:

          I cant post links so plse put the george w u's before them.

          I just bought a book on jewellery making - and will also look out for a book on beads too.

          Oh on the note of crimps. I also went to a shop that sells all sorts of funky jewellery and examined each one - I found one crimped and it looked cool. Mine doesn't look ugly I just really notice the crimps and was wondering if potential buyers would be put off crimped necklaces.

          I will try and take a photo of mine later to show you.. ugh 25 potsts then I can post links.


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            I cant get to the website, dosnt seem to open. But i think i get what your on about now!

            Im guessing that you are flattening the crimps with a pair of flat nose pliers? You can buy a pair of crimpers...


            this makes the little crimpies round, like a little silver or gold bead. So simple to use too.

            Though, if you use some funky coloured wire with just flattening the crimps it still can look really tasteful and part of the design.

            Just remember that the way you use crimps, beads and any other finding can be fun and experimental! As long as you follow the basic beading rules, so your jewellery dosnt apart, who cares

            Good luck with playing around.
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              You've been a great help. Will investigate your links further -read my book and already have a dedicated bead one on order. I also have 2 or so bead shops close to me which is great too! I prefer browsing in a shop for this sortof thing than browsing online.