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  • Copyright(again)

    I have some photos which I have taken of things like The leaning tower of pisa and the statue of David.

    If I used them in my artwork then sold them would this be legal??

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    I found this on istock... Its about photo's

    All trademarks must be removed. This includes logos, brands and entities with copyright or trademarked elements. This many also extend to trademarked products such as cast sculptures, toys, architecture and other elements of design. Copyright is checked with each file.

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      Nope, still confused.

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        I wanted to put some pictures of the red arrows on some magnets I was doing. I contacted them and was told as long as they were my own pictures that was fine. They said that with photographs, the photographer holds the copywrite.

        I do a range of local photo greetings cards, and my father has copywrite on these (they are his photo's). We have not come across any problems with this.

        Usually you will find old monuments and buildings are not a trademark so you can photograph them and reproduce the photo's however you choose.
        But for example if you took a photo of a McDonalds, you would not be able to reproduce and sell this as it features a trademark. If you took photo's of a model of the leaning tower of pisa you would need permission to reproduce these from the holder of copywrite on the model.

        Hope this makes sense and helps you.



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          Yep ,that makes sense thanks.My dad has taken some stuning pics of sunsets, and we have some old family photos which i can luckily use.

          So do you think if I used my pics of DAvid and Pisa, Id be ok?

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            I would think you will be fine to use them, as they are your own pictures.

            Make sure you put on the artwork that they are copywrite to you, just so no one else reproduces them. Its difficult and costly to enforce copywrite but most people don't fully understand the law and will be put off just by it being there.

            As ours were local pics my dad insited on this so people would buy the larger ones from him, rather than buying the smaller ones and scanning them.



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              Just found some info.

              I went to a photocopying shop with some old postcards dated 1904 and asked if I could have them photocopied, use them in artwork then sell the work on.

              The lady wasnt sure and thought it was 75 years, so she asked a colleague, he firmly said it was 50 years.

              Hoorah, my pics are well within use.
              She was just as confused about copyright llaw as the rest of us butthe gy seemed very sure and if anybody should know it should be a photocopying place!

              Just thought id pass that on.


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