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  • Sizzix embossing tools

    Hi everyone

    I'm looking around for things to make my wedding invitations, and I came across the "Sizzix Simple Impressions Embossing Folder Cross #1" on ebay. It looks like a really nice cross to emboss, but I don't have any of the Sizzix machines/tools to be able to use the stencil. I've had a look at how much it would cost to get the appropriate tools and it seems I'd have to buy the Sizzix Personal Die Cutter AND the Sizzix System Converter, adding up to a total of about £80!

    Does anyone know a cheaper way to use a Sizzix Embossing Folder stencil? Are there any other tools that can be used with Sizzix things without having to have the bonefide ones?

    I look forward to hearing from anyone who knows anything about Sizzix things!

    Michelle )

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    Could you not emboss it your self by using a light box would take longer but a lot cheeper

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      Have you had a look at the red sizzix machines on ebay?
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        I got my red Sizzix machine on ebay for around £35 and the convertor was about £8. It pays to shop around and have a look. But beware!! Once you have the machine there will be no stopping you!!