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  • Help needed

    My name is ellen
    Can anyone advice me how to set up a web site as I would like to sell my knitting and my daughters hand made cards

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    hi ellen,

    well, i used a local company call 'simple website designs' they are very patient and talk you through everything step by step. its also alot cheaper than many i tried. I was very pleased with the results, so far i have only been online for a month but the traffic to my site has been impressive. good luck!

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      I have tried(i)building my own html site, (ii)building my own flash site and (iii) using Mr Site (you can google that to learn about it), and I would recommend the third option. Some people on here, if you read thru the previous threads about this, have come across problems with mr site, but I use the 'pro' version (don't know if that makes any difference) and have been very happy with it so far. The other options, I guess, would be to either pay someone else to design a website for you, or just sell on someone elses website (ebay, etsy, etc). Hope that helps a little bit!
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        re help needed

        Thank you very much for the ideas. Might go look at mr site and see what its all about. Thanks again


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          I use Mr Site too, I'm hopeless at all things computer-related, so, if I can use it, I guess most people can. I used it as I just can't afford to spend any more money at the moment and I didn't know if I would actually get any sales from my own site. I also use eBay, it's very expensive but I do get quite a few sales.

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            A lot of people use Mr Site, as it takes you step by step through the building process. Its about £15, and the professional one is around £99. If you have a Mac then using iWeb is good too
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              help needed

              Thanks for the advice, I am thinking of setting up ebay shop to see how it goes


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                re help required

                Just to let you know I
                have listed some hand knitted items on ebay
                and added a classified ad on local services Any comments would be appreciated
                Listed seller as whatson0 Hope this is not breaking any rules
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                  You could have a word with Mr Media - his advice is excellent and web creation is his day job.



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                    You can setup your own site quickly and easily if your webhost has CPanel.

                    Simply login to your control panel, select "Fantastico Deluxe" and look for wordpress. Select this, and click "New Installation" to install the wordpress blog program.

                    Fantastico installs it for you within seconds (no need to know how to prigram or do HTML or anything like that) , and you can find all kinds of free wordpress themes by googling "Free wordpress theme". They come with instructions for installing the theme for changing your blog design.

                    Next go back to fantastico, if you wish to have a shopping cart, and install the "Zen-Cart" program in a subdirectory (name the sub directory shop so you can remember it easily).

                    I do this a lot for my family and friends, it's the best way to get an almost instant site, for no cost, if you already have hosting. Most hosts provide CPanel, not all but most.
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