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  • photographs and cataloguing

    I need some advice on what to do with my photo's.

    I have taken photo's, with my digi camera, of all my work. I have organised them in a directory on computer but now I want to catalouge them somewhere that others can look at - preferably online as I don't have a website.

    I would really like to be able to set them up with information regarding each piece and reference.

    Anyone any ideas?

    C x

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    photobucket and flickr are proably your best bet, I'm also on indie public which is a bit like myspace only for arty crafty people. I like that because like this forum you can met loads of great people with the same interests. It is mainly american, but there is uk on there including people from this forum, I've got photos on there but they are not to good, i'm not quite use to my camera yet !

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      I've done the flickr thing - just before Christmas. You can have 3 free 'sets' to organise your photos and then you have to pay for more. I don't know how much, but if you think wisely, 3 sets may be enough.

      And you get loads of space per month to upload - I think I've not even hit 1% each month yet! But I've not got masses of pics on there, but its helpful when you need things online and links to them too!

      I've found it easy to use and to upload, you can tag your pics too and title and describe them, so quite useful really!!

      Hope this helps!


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        Flickr is great - I'm a big fan. As Tip Top says it is free to set up and use and it means that if you put your work into groups etc other people will start looking at it and commenting on it. I've even had people enquire about sales through there! I pay for a pro account which isn't that much - Matt bought one for his sister for Christmas and it cost about $60 for 2 years, so about half that in pounds. You can then upload as many pics as you want (well I have 1,200 on there and it hasn't stopped me uploading yet) so I think it's well worth it.
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