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  • More help please!

    Hi everyone

    I've been on the forum a few days and all I've done is ask for everyones help but I'm afarid I need some more.

    I want to get hold of labels, business cards etc in brown kraft coloured paper. I'm happy to do the graphics myself (well bought and downloaded) and print at home or have them printed. I dont want to buy loads at this stage as I dont even know exactly what I'm going to be selling yet and everything is still in the prototype stage. Again there seems to be loads from the states but I've never ordered outside of UK and I'm very wary.

    I'm very new to all this and while I'm loving the craft side of things the business side has left me a bit lost. Especially as my main market will be the Netherlands and I dont live there yet!

    Forgive my ramblings. Thank you to all who read this and huge thanks to those that reply.

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    Hi Redmaxi,

    Just had a quick search on google. Don't know if this is of much use to you I can't see a note of prices don't know if you need to phone them for a price.



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      Thanks Lisa, much appreciated, thats just the kind of thing I'm after. I dont think I'm using Google search very effectively to be honest but I have spent hours and hours on the internet gathering info, links etc etc.

      It's where I found you good people


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        At one time I was making my own label with mailing paper that you wrap packages in to mail. I use to use paperbags but can't get them amymore.Thats when I was writing out my labels Grrrrrrr Guess I am telling how long I have been crafting lolol.........Anyway I would buy the rolls of mailing paper and cut to fit my printer. If I had to glue a label I would just use a glue stick. Just a though
        Shabby Neesey