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Wooden plaque lettering

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  • Wooden plaque lettering

    Newbie here, have tried searching for answers but haven't found what I'm looking for!

    I am keen to make a wooden plaque for one of my friends who's just had a baby, a small one with name, date, weight etc...just unsure of how to do the lettering so it is uniform and neat?! Am thinking of using sharpie pen but should I use a stencil set or trace from printer?! Rather confused, hope someone can help, thanks in advance xxx

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    Hi and welcome to the forum

    You really need to practise to find out what's best for you - we all have different ways of working.

    A few tips though:

    - Yes, a Sharpie works well for writing

    - Make sure your paint is thoroughly dry before you write on it (at least 24 hours drying time in a warm room) - you'll destroy your Sharpies if it's not and cause yourself some frustration.

    - If you like the natural variations in a handmade finish (I do, and I think most people who appreciate handmade do!) then try tracing from a printer. You should still get neat-looking writing. Personally, I don't like the ultra-uniform finish you get with stencils but maybe that's just me. You may surprise yourself, though - try practising some freehand writing.

    - play around with the spacing of your lettering before you apply it to the finished plaque (practise on paper the same size as the plaque)

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      Thank you so much for your reply, Wendy and the top tips! Will have a play around first and see what happens X