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Making Muslin Squares

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  • Making Muslin Squares

    Hi, I've just started making muslin squares with little appliques on the corners. I love doing it but at the moment I buy the muslin squares already made. I would really like to make then myself. does anyone know what sort of muslin it is or where I could buy the right fabric. I cant seem to find it anywhere. would be really grateful for any suggestions. Thanks

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    Tell Wolfins what you are doing and ask them to send you samples.
    They have 101 different kinds of cotton fabric. I find them wonderful and really helpful.
    I found them in the old days and talk to them on the phone as I ask for weird stuff and they always sort me out.


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      Thank you so much for your reply. They were very helpful and are sending me samples.


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        Hi, I received my samples today but unfortunatly none of them were right. I am at a complete loss to know where else to look. I have spent a month looking for muslin square fabric and am starting to believe that it does'nt exist. let me know if you know of any other companies that might stock it.
        Thank you for your help


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          What I would be inclined to do is buy a couple of the squares you currently use, cut them up to sample size, then, after contacting some wholesale fabric companies (Whaleys of Bradford and International Textile Supplies come to mind) who will happily supply to private individuals, and speaking to them, send them samples of what you want.


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            Thank you, great advice. I had thought about approaching one that way but that's a really good idea to cut one square up and send it to all the big wholesalers. Thank you again. I love that there is always someone on here willing to help.