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urgent help please re pebeo vitrea & porcelaine

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  • urgent help please re pebeo vitrea & porcelaine

    hello all, do hope someone can help

    I have always baked my efforts in an electric oven, as i was told it had to be done that way. Can the vitrea and porcelaine range be baked in a gas oven?

    If so , as I have no temperature gauge to know when it is up to temperature, what would happen if the heat is a lot higher, and/or the items baked for longer than the specified times.

    my electic combi oven microwave has just been broken (door catch) and I have no means of baking my items except a gas oven which has no temp gauge etc..

    this is urgent as these are christmas presents!!

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    You could get a temp gauge for the over ?

    180 c is gas mark 4 I think..

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      Originally posted by 0103media View Post
      You could get a temp gauge for the over ?

      180 c is gas mark 4 I think..

      you are domestiicated!!!

      if you doubt your own oven, you caould always ask a friend!!
      full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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        Thanks for those suggestions BUT......

        I lve in a small village in Spain, I have thought about getting atemp gauge before, and even looked, but not found one ( didnt look that hard admiteddly!) the only person I know in the village who has an electric oven, good friend though she is, will not put anything but foodstuffs in there to cook!

        Spaniards do very lttle cooking in their ovens, which is probably why I havent seen any temp gauges and also why the gas ovens arent very well marked and graded for sanything near accuracy. mine is low, medium or hot, that's all. The original booklet did say what appx temps those settings would be, but 6yrs later I have no idea where the booklet is.

        The main question though is still can I bake the pebeo range in a gas oven?


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          I can't see why it would make any difference whether the oven is electric or gas to be honest. When I've over heated the porcelaine paints I found they lost their original colours and went very dark or black, so I suppose in a way they must burn.


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            well, it loks like imay have to try the gas oven, and hope for the best, but after looking at your site, i think i may give up entirely, as my stuff looks so childish in comparison!Mind you , i didnt know whether o feel insulted or pleased yesterday, wen my son didnt believe i'd painted the plate he saw! stillcan't get him to say though whether he tought it was good or bad !!lol