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Needle felting help please

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  • Needle felting help please

    I've just bought myself a Needle Felting Kit, it's a little penguin. However I have spent absolutely ages needling it and it doesn't seem to be getting anywhere. I've looked on YouTube and watched numerous videos but can't seem to get the fibres to 'stick' together. I've managed to make a basic body shape but can't get the ends secure and attaching the other wool to the main body is proving quite a challenge. I'm getting very frustrated now. What am I doing wrong? Any responses please, thanks Claire

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    Claire, You need to roll and fold it into shape tightly together with your fingers this expells the air before needle felting if you do this you should be able to needle felt your shape much quicker. Good luck Gai


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      Also, are you leaving some feathery ends for attaching pieces to each other? If they're too tightly felted, it can be a little tricky attaching them to other pieces.


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        And check your needles, the pointy bit should be triangular in shape and have notches in them.....think Velcro ... Wool naturally has small barbs which are forced together by the notches in the needle.... and don't panic it will eventually felt, be patient and enjoy it
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