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Help please... urgent 'backing for tile' question?

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  • Help please... urgent 'backing for tile' question?

    Unable to find exactly what I wanted, I decided to have a go myself and have decorated a square ceramic tile to use as a cup stand. I am happy with the finish on the front/edges of the tile but what to do with the back? It clearly needs a backing as it is rough for the fixative to grab and needs to stand on the kitchen my question is...

    what do I use and how do I fix it to the tile?

    This is way out of my comfort zone and I really did not think it all the way through cos I hoped to give this as a small gift this Xmas....which is just days away If anyone can help I would be ever so grateful

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    This is what you need
    I'm sure you can find it in craft shops.



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      In the past Ive had a 9 x 12 inch piece of the stick back felt from HobbyCrafty, no idea if the still do it. It cost £1.35 at the time.

      You could always put a note in with the gift and stick the felt backing on after Christmas (assuming they don't live far from you).


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        I have used felt with a silicon glue which worked well, also you can use the little bumper stops(clear little sticky dome thingys)
        I found all the at my local Range shop.
        Hope this helps


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          I make ceramic coasters and back them with sticky-backed cork, which you can buy on a roll at The Range. Or you could use felt.


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            Thanks for the replies...I have a bag of felt and I have a some sticky sheets...I shall do a test on another tile first and see what happens. Fingers crossed...


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              Yippee the felt worked a treat, Thanks again