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In serious need of card making advice!

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  • In serious need of card making advice!

    So I'm not a hardcore card maker or anything but I do occasionally dabble in it for fun. This year I want to send my friend a Doctor Who christmas card inspired by one I have saw on deviantart - credit to Waileem. I will try to put up a link when I am able.


    What I really like about this card is how the bottom and sides are more 3d, also the top bit where it says 'police box' is sort of embedded. So basically it's just the doors that function as a card...The only thing is I can't really figure out logistics of it, so I have a few questions.

    Should I be looking at some sort of foam to make the 3d areas? How do you think the doors are attached? And does anyone have any ideas/recommendations for achieving this?

    I would also like to add a layer of snow (glitter) to areas of it also - please recommend any suppliers and I am so so thankful to all the advice given to me. I really want to make my friend smile this christmas.

    Thank you!

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    Waileem has stated
    Made with illustration board and paint. Took about a week
    Maybe you could contact Waileem and ask for advice...

    It is the materials used that give it the depth and it looks like it may have been embossed. You could fake this by using reasonably heavy card to make the basic shape of the police box, scoring the doors to allow them to open and adding a frame over the edges of the police box. You can fake the panelling effect by adding small panels with foam pads, scoring them to form raised or recessed areas and sponge inking the edges of each panel to provide shadow which gives the illusion of depth...

    I would suggest you mess about with some scrap paper to make a template and try to build it from there.

    As for the glitter/snow effect I would recommend using a glitter glue or (if you can get hold of some) polar white flower soft. It is fabulous stuff but often hard to get this time of year.

    I wish you luck and would love to see what you come up with.
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      Use Balsa wood for the doors, as light as foam, from model aircraft maker suppliers. easy to shape & glue. Doors can be hinged by pressing a pin through the top and bottom of each door, through the top & bottom of the door frame, pins will push through balsa with no resistance, snow can be purchased from most craft shops, in a small jar, apply with a spatula etc, glue the whole lot with silicon or PVA. Model flying gliders are made with balsa..its that light. The whole lot cheap as chips!

      Hope this gives you food for thought.