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  • Selling in a B&M shop

    Ive had an opportunity to sell in a proper pop up shop in my town.
    Its next week and I just wondered if there was any advice youd like to give me.
    It cost a fair bit fopr the week(but not terrible amount)A % will be taken from sales so Im going to adjust the prices so the % doesnt eat in too much of the profits.
    The shop is only being used for 2 weeks with these specific people, Il be selling the first week but wont be there. il be helping out the 2nd week.

    Any advice you have is appreciated.

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    You need to find out who is responisble for the item while it's in the shop ie what if it's damaged or stolen while on their shop?

    How quickly will they reinburse you when you sell as I suspect you are doing this a sale or return bases.

    You say this is a pop up shop so will only be there for 2 weeks this is one of the biggest ways to end up with no money and no items. Please be careful. This type of operation is known as the fly by nights. Open one minute gone with all the stock over night after charging people for 'shelf space'.

    What do you really know about the people taking your 'shelf fee' any one can set up a website.

    I had one contact about such a craft pop up type shop in Guildford via my private message system to my folksy shop.

    I don't mean to put a damper on you but I've seen this happen to Crafters before.

    An established shop with a written contact is far safer venue.
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      Thanks for the info, these are great points.
      Have to say its happening next week.They know Im going to be there, I and others are linked on their website, they have been established for a fair while and others know of them.
      I know its gona cost me but they honestly havtn asked me for the money as yet, no pressure from them whatsoever.
      But you made a good point, I hadnt even thought they could be frauds.I dont think they are but itl make me think in future.

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        We have one opened in Farnham for 4 weeks but it is purely for members of the Art Society, this is better as that way you are all in it together. A shop near us started but for a longer period of time, I looked but did not like the layout or rent for a 2ft X 1ft table. End of last year it closed and all the stock disappeared, crafters were trying to find the people to get their stick back. If I did not know the people would want to be there al the time to keep an eye on my stock. These pop up shops sound fine in principal but think they need to be run and manned by the sellers, so many about now and open to so much fraud. Hope it works out for you


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          Thanks, yep a crafter is overseeing the shop and Im helping out the 2nd week.
          2ftx1ft table is tiny!! They say mine is 6ft which is the saem as the table I had at an Xmas fair lastweek, seemed like a great size.

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            Thought I had 2 full days before taking stuff to shop but nephew is here and picking up niece after school so Im gona be a day behind!I cant sa no to play time, they wont be young forever and i can always work into the wee small hours.


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