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  • sewing machine suggestions

    I'm looking to buy a sewing machine. It takes me ages to hand sew. I am fairly new to them; can anyone suggest some good ones? I'd like to be able to do quite fiddly things (I like to make small teddies) but also sew large things like trousers and pillow cases. I'm fairly flexible on price, as long as it's not something like £300!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Fluffyjo. Good to see you here.

    Good sewing machines cost an arm and a leg these days. Mind you, you could probably get a Brother to do what you want for what you can afford. The best thing is to go into a shop that sells them and have some demos. There are quite a lot of makes in your price range, I am sure someone else will be on with more suggestions so keep looking here.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      John Lewis used to do a good basic machine for £50 in a variety of colours. What I would say is be very realistic about what you need a machine to do. The main basic functions that I would suggest you go for are stretch stitch, buttonhole, zig zag and free arm (for applique). There are some amazing machines out there that do everything but make a cup of tea but most people don't need a hundred embroidery stitches!

      Hope this helps - happy hunting!


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        Agree with all above machines are not cheap and can range from £100.00 upwards. Best to visit either a show where they always offer deals or a shop to check them out. I have a Janome for my basic sewing but it was about £450.00, a Jem for shows which is the small portable one and the stand alone embroidery machine, so heavy never moved.

        Buttonhole feature is a must for sewing and maybe also blind hemming and a zipper foot that way you get a better finish when inserting zips.


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          Hi, my advice is don't go for a lightweight machine, they bounce around when you go faster than snail pace stitching.