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  • feeling downheartened

    can anyone offer advise on selling cards ...... i have had my handmade cards in a shop locally for about two months now, but nothing doing, the price has been reduced twice now and i am losing heart, a local newsagent is not interested as she said that handmades are too expensive to compete with mass produced, even though i suggested sale or return with a 50 - 50 cut.

    i have loads of cards of good quality and dont know what to do with them, i wouldnt consider a craft fair as i feel that folk look just to get ideas.

    any suggestions or words of encouragement welcome.


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    How depressing for you Sam :cry:

    Don't take it to heart and don't give up!

    Perhaps the newsagent is right and people round your way won't generally pay out for handmade cards!

    Why not try targetting your cards to the right kinds of people - take some flower, thank you and love themed cards to local florists, take love and wedding ones to bridal shops etc etc etc. Also small independent shops always seem far keener to give it a go than bigger shops in my experience.

    Hang on in there it WILL happen


    PS. Another idea - if the shop doesn't already sell cards why not also offer to provide a small display stand for them (they don't cost too much). I'm thinking of a florist in my street who has a counter stand displaying several handmade cards and it looks really good.
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      I had seen some at a hairdressers recently! You're right about craft fairs I think, but nearer to Christmas people will start looking for original cards for their special friends, nieces, mum and dads, etc. so don't rule out a Christmas craft fair...
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        I have recently put a range of cards into a designer dress shop locally. The owner saw some hen night invitations I had made with basques on and approached me to make a range of fashion card for her to sell.

        I would never have though of putting cards somewhere like this, but they are doing really well.

        Maybe you should look at less obvious places. Given how much the clothes she sells cost, her customers think nothing of spending an extra £3-£4 on a card. She also sells loads of expensive underwear, so the cards go well to blokes buying gifts for their partners.

        The hairdressers is probably a good idea (i've not tried this yet) as people are sitting waiting for their hair cut they have time to take a good look through the cards.
        I would look at the more expensive hairdressers where people are prepared to pay that little bit extra.



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          thanks to all of you for your inspiration there are some good ideas there, i have received an email from the city library craft shop who say that they will take a look to see if my range are suitable, so fingers crossed, think i will give the florest a go too as i have loads of baby cards.

          thanks again
          will keep you posted :lol: