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Pens to write on painted wood?

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  • Pens to write on painted wood?

    Hi everyone
    I hope you don't mind me diving in with a question.

    I have some small wooden frames that I'd like to paint and decorate for Christmas. I want to write over the paint with a message. I'm not skilled enough with a brush so is there such a thing as a paint pen?

    Or can you tell me what paint to use and what pens I can use over it and if I can then use varnish over the top ?

    Thanks in advance

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    I know that this is a late reply and well past Christmas but I use Sharpies permanent markers when writing on my wooden plaques. They come in a few different colours and some are dual tipped with a fine point at one end and a thick point at the other.

    The other pen I quite like working with is a Staedtler permanent Lumocolour - the one with the orange coloured "S" on the lid is ideal for writing on wooden plaques.

    Both of the pens I have mentioned above can be varnished over afterwards and should be available to buy from most stationers.

    For white writing on a dark background I use a white Permapaque pen which from memory I think I bought from Calico Crafts.

    Hope this helps!