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a little pricing help?!

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  • a little pricing help?!


    im having somewhat of a problem pricing my bags, so i thought maybe people could help me out?
    i'd priced everything to make the items the cheapest they could be (as i thought this would entice customers) without putting myself out of pocket (including time and materials).
    however, family have suggested i put prices up... i dont know what is best, as i want to sell things, not have people say they're nice, but not buy them because of price! argh!

    could people give me a little idea on they think i should do, it would be very much appreciated!!

    unfortunately, i cant put pictures up due to the 25 posting rule...but my things can be viewed at myspace.... /bagsandbuttons (see my signature at the bottom)

    holly x
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    How much are you charging?

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      £8 for a little bag (handbag ones) and £12 for the bigger size (shoulder bag ones)
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        Its tough to get a sense of scale.
        Are they lined?
        Do they have extra features like a pocket to put phone/keys?

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          ok, the smaller ones are approx 8.5 inches wide, 7 high, 3 deep

          larger ones 12inches by 14 inches, although, these differ

          yep all fully lined
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            Well, i reckon you could defo add a couple of pounds here and there, maybe £10 for the smaller and £15 for the bigger.
            They look nicely made and in fashionable fabrics, these kind of tote bags are fashionable.


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              It's hard pricing your own stuff, but you have to remember that if you look at something with too cheap a price tag you automatically think it's cheap quality so you need to put a bit of a mark up on your stuff so people will know the quality is good.
              Your bags look nice, it does make a difference if they are lined, have little pockets inside, and have shutters like magnetic clasps etc. Also makes a difference what the handles are made of, material ones should be cheaper than hard ones.
              That said i go with Seahorse on the prices..


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                I like your bags and I think your prices sound quite good, you could afford to put them up a little bit but perhaps you should check out your market and find other similar bags. Tuggle, Etsy and Dwanda all have handmade products on their sites.





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                  thanks very much for all your advice and opinions!
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                    I agree with others, you could up your prices by a few pounds on each size.
                    It is hard.... your not sure what people would pay, but you have to think about the time you put in and the fact that people are getting a handmade/one-off item.

                    I started off putting my personalised bodysuits on eBay for £6 each!! Silly really as I can spend up to 3 hrs on one item!

                    Pm'ing you with details about costing/pricing your items. HTH?
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                      that sounds awfully cheap if they are handmade which they obvisouly how much are you thinking you are giving yourself for each one ie how long does each one take to make and stuff as I would imagine bags take a while to make, I think you could definately put your prices up a couple of pounds for each possibly even up to £5 more, you don't want them to be too cheap because people might think its cheap material, but then you want people to buy them, but you could definately put prices up a bit


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                        Hi Caz - just to let you know, this is an old thread convo from Oct, you're best to have a little look at the dates on the older stuff and start a new thread if it generates a new topic to chat about love...

                        ...but hey, dont worry about it, we've all done it!

                        Have fun re-reading the old threads though, theyre really useful for info purposes

                        Shaz x
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