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how do i start to sell craft equipment on line

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  • how do i start to sell craft equipment on line

    hi i would to sell craft equiment on line but how do i start and who do i g about gaining stock. please help

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    Research research and more research for wholesalers. Are you computer and HTML literate?? if not then your best option is to go for a template shop - i have mine through lycos and pay monthly for it or go for something like Mr Site.

    That should keep you going for a while
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      Start small and then build it up
      Like Emma says, you need to research what people want or whats going to be the next big thing
      And I guess its all about perseverance - it won't happen overnight!


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        I Started about 4 years ago now, used ebay to test the market trying different items, ie toppers,brads,eyelets until i fond what i needed to know and then went looking for the easiest and best way to go online with an e-commerce store. settled with ekmpowershop, excellent service and ease of use, no software to download everything done on line, and very cost effective, but start small and build up gradually. anyway hope you succeed