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Ideas for a Jewellery Demonstration?

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  • Ideas for a Jewellery Demonstration?

    Our village plans to run an Arts Weekend this year and have asked me to run some jewellery making demonstrations... but I don't really know what to do. Partly because I suspect there are going to be things I won't be allowed to do for HS reasons, I also don't think our Public Liability will cover it so it will have to go under the organisers.
    1. Silver Soldering... blow torch is probably going to be ok (if there are barriers) to be ok but pickling might be a problem.
    2. Silversmithing/Hammering... that's just going to be noisy unless I'm making little things?
    3. Casting, most of our Pewter is cast... apart from the dangers of molten metal the fumes (while not dangerous) are not great
    4. Polishing/Finishing... just far too dirty & noisy... and not particularly interesting to watch
    5. Lost Wax carving... pieces often take days to weeks to carve, so not much going on there
    At the moment the only thing i can think of is to make a large ring silver chain bracelet or necklace... I could sit and make a few in a day (shape and cut rings in advance) then just sit there soldering them all together

    Any Ideas?

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    Wirework or riveting. Cold connections all the way, so no flames, no chemicals and quick results.


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      Thanks for the advice Mizgeorge,

      I've never been one for wirework. I've riveted before so that's definitely an option. I could also look at spoon beating or perhaps bowl-making.