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    I have some badges - on cardboard in 2's - and some gift tags - in sets of 10. I would like some ideas of how to display them at the craft fair. At the moment I have some platter like dishes that they look quite good in - would that be ok? I have baskets for my envelopes, cards and notebooks and the chickens will be free standing. Also if I get round to making some t-shirts (hah) how is best to display them - I probably won't though!
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    If possible maybe you could hang a T shirt on a nice hanger behind your stall and add a badges to the t shirt, combining your goods.
    Or have a dummy with your tshirt on and add badges all over that?
    Tags are a toughy.

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      The only thing I could think of for the tags apart from your platters is to hang them from a board on the able or something like that.

      Good luck - break a leg (well not literally- you know what I mean).


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        Can you make a small fake present and have 1 tag displayed on that, maybe put it at one end of the tray.

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          i am all for a bit of height!
          i got a pinboard and spray painted it antique gold( closing down sale bargain!) then my brother added a hinged frame to make a stand then you can pin things on
          i also made an earring stand with a cheap(err poundworld!lol) photo frame take the glass out cover with fabric then add some elastic or yarn/ribbon across so you could tie tags on?
          not sure if you can picture that at all! i find with jewellery the higher displayed items get most attention!