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teabag folding?

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  • teabag folding?

    I have seen a card made with this and it looks really clever but I have no idea how to do it!

    Does anyone have any advice or tips, and is it quite easy?

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    I've done teabag folding a couple of times. You can buy A4 sheets of paper that are printed with lots of squares, all with the same design. The basic way is to cut out the squares then fold them diagonally (corner to corner) once, then turn it so it looks like a diamond rather than a square and fold left and right hand edges so they meet at the centre fold. You end up with a kite shape.
    Make a few the same and arrange them on a card in a circle and stick down when you're happy with result.
    I am hopeless at explaining clearly but hope you can get some idea from my effort! .
    Teabag papers are available from lots of craft shops and craft websites, or even e-bay. You can also cut any paper you like into 2" squares but it looks better if they have a repetitive pattern.


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      i found this for you hope its usefull iv done kaleidoscope folding a couple of times and found the more you do the better you will get

      Basic Information
      The name alone often intrigues people when it comes to the craft of tea bag folding. Luckily
      it doesn’t involve the actual folding of soggy tea bags! Sometimes called kaleidoscope folding,
      tea bag folding is a form of origami but much easier. This papercraft originates in the
      Netherlands where teabags were packaged in pretty paper envelopes. These envelopes
      were folded and stuck together to create beautiful rosettes and medallions – hence the term
      “tea bag folding”.
      The finished tea bag folded rosette or medallion looks complicated to the beginner but is, in
      fact, not difficult in practice. A number of equal sized squares are cut from paper and a series
      of identical folds completed which produces a folded shape. These folded shapes are then
      slotted and glued together to create a decorative motif, most commonly the medallion or
      rosette. Once the basic folds are mastered there is an infinite number of ways the square can
      be folded and many more designs to be created. Combine tea bag folded motifs with other
      items form your craft box for truly stunning results!

      Tea bag papers
      Wet glue (PVA)
      Bone folder
      Simple how to – Basic triangle fold to create a rosette
      1. Cut the tea bag squares – for this rosette eight squares are required
      2. With the pattern facing down, fold corner to corner
      3. Open the square and repeat the fold in the opposite direction
      4. Open the square and turn over. With the pattern face up fold side to side
      5. Open the square and repeat the fold in the opposite direction
      6. Close the folds to forma triangle. Repeat the folds with the remaining squares
      7. Apply a dab of adhesive to one fold, then insert a second fold neatly inside the first
      8. Continue sticking folds together until you have completed the rosette
      9. Stick to a card blank and further embellish as desired
      Hints & Tips
      Paper squares must be the same size – any difference in size will show up in the end

      Folds must be precise and crisp – uneven folds will be obvious

      Fold squares on a hard, flat surface & use a bone folder to ensure crisp folds

      Make sure the pattern of each square is in the same direction when you finish each
      fold and when you begin gluing – this will ensure each section of your medallion looks
      the same

      Assemble the rosette before gluing the pieces together to check it fits together

      Use wet glue to assemble as this will give you time to move sections neatly into place
      before glue dries

      It is easier to fold large squares, so as a beginner start with large squares and as you
      gain confidence you can decrease the square size

      If the folded squares are uneven don’t despair – trim the edges with a pair of

      decorative scissors to disguise the uneven edges!
      Love Chaze2k7 xx


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        Also try your local library - mine has a couple of books on tea bag folding.
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