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  • Fabric advice.

    I'm planning on making an outfit that a character from a video game wears but I don't know much about fabrics and wasn't sure what I should use.

    I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on what types of materials to use for the dress, waistcoat and the white part on the boots.

    I am also making a cloak and I need to use a material that will be heavy enough so it doesn't flap in the wind but not so heavy that I'm going to die of heat stroke as I'll be wearing it in May.

    This is the reference picture (sorry if the image is massive, but it helps as you can see the clothes in better detail):

    Thank you

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    You could use pretty much anything if washing isn't an issue. As it's a costume I would focus on the finish and colours when choosing (sequined or shiny, peachskin etc). Thin fabrics can be made weightier by using sewn in or iron on interfacings.

    Have fun
    Jan x

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      It'll be easier to sew if you pick a (not lightweight) cotton for the white dress and something like denim but not looking flecky that is cotton based for the blue bit. I'll be smooching in a big furnishing fabric shops and looking for linen/cotton mix lining material. Maybe poly cottons but I find those too flimsy. You'll find real white leather easier to sew for the boot tops but you could use plastic faux leather. You don't want that much. Some fabric/haberdashery/hobby shops have leather pieces for sale but why not contact Chris, my friend at and ask if she has an off cut hanging around?
      Is your cloak just for show or is it to protect you from rain....and wind....and cold? If the latter you need wool but if it's just cosmetic the same heavy cotton/linen fabrics will do the trick.


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        Thank you, I'll definitely look into it.

        Yes, the cloak is just for show. If I wore wool in summer I'd overheat haha.
        If it helps, I'm hoping it will turn out similar to this:


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          Ooooo that should be wool.....
          Annie says, running off into the distance laughing manically.....