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Can any of you help me out please

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  • Can any of you help me out please

    Im helping with my friends wedding and doing all the favors and food lol i know a lot to take on. Im also doing all the table decorations. Its a christmas wedding so we are using mini red christmas trees with all gold bits on and the stuff we need is all in Hobby craft (mods i do hope i can say that if not please remove from thread) and its going to cost a bit so i was hoping if any of you get any card making or scrapbooking magazines and you get money of coupons in them if i was to send you a sae would you please send them to me if you dont need them.

    Thank you Julie

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    I sometimes buy craft mags, but not really papercraft as such.. craft beautiful and quick and crafty...Can't say i've ever noticed any money off coupons but will keep my eyes peeled...


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      I have a few mags but can't say i've ever noticed coupons in there. Will check to see if i have any as i won't use them
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        I will def keep an eye out for you.

        Have you tried looking at wholesale, if not? There are some quite reasonable deals out there that might work out cheaper.

        Good luck, I hope it all goes OK


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          I will have a look for you, but if not have you tried any wholesalers? You can get some reasonable deals that might work out cheaper.

          Good luck I hope it all works out OK!


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            From expereince and having a quick search too, I'd say you would be very lucky to get any kind of discount from Hobbycraft.
            a lot of places you can haggle when you are buying in bulk, but I wouldn't hold out much hope from this particular place.
            I agree with the suggestion of having a search from other suppliers.
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              Oh poo I feel bad now as I'm sure I've seen H****craft (sorry, can't bring myself to type it ) money off vouchers in some of my mags but have no idea where - if I find them Julie I'll send you a PM.

              If you can find the items elsewhere I agree with Sand that it's worth haggling, I know I'm inclined to offer bulk discounts to customers who ask and I'm sure many other suppliers are the same.
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