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    Today I read a blog about a girl who found a travelling art journal, hosted by 1001 Journals, and I decided I wanted to get involved as it looks fun and I like a bit of public art. Essentially it's just a blank sketchbook which gets posted around the world and then Creatives do something in it, anything they like, before posting it on to the next person who wants it. Some books are left at certain locations to be 'found'. Some books are private or have a theme etc. Anyhoo I wondered if anyone here has a) done one or is involved, b) knows how I can take part in one (as there don't seem to be any UK ones 'open' for UK wide submission ATM) or c) would anyone be interested in launching a new book ourselves? I thought it might interest the paper/paint/scrapbookers out there. If you're already doing one I'd love to submit so please let me know. Thanks x
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    I've not heard of any opened ended schemes...there are lots of circular options...whereby each participant starts the book and then it goes off on its travels with additions from every stop along the way...but at the end of the trip the book returns to its originator. I have done a few of those and they are fun. I don't know of any about to start at the moment though....the New Year is probably a more likely launching point.