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Making small christmas presents

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  • Making small christmas presents


    I'm looking for some advice, I had an idea to make some small wrapped christmas presents out of fabric and ribbon but being a novice at crafting I don't know which filler would work best - styrofoam would make a sturdy present and the fabric could be glued on or I could sew the basic shape together and then fill with toy filler.

    The idea is to sell them so it needs to be something safe. What do you think would work best?

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    Well. I am confused. Are you maybe making tree ornaments that look like presents?

    Toy filler - not toys to fill the present, but stuffing?

    Do they all need to be the same size? What about little individual sized cereal boxes - get your friends to save them and wrap them up in the cloth and ribbon?

    There is something called florists foam - VERY malleable - you could quite easily cut it in small squarish shapes and wrap, but if people squeeze them, they'll get dented easily.

    Or am I completely off track and you are actually wanting little prezzies inside?