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New or Vintage Machine... I can't decide!

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  • New or Vintage Machine... I can't decide!

    A while ago I bought a Janome Mini and have used it far more than I thought I would so now feel I can justify buying a 'proper' sewing Machine

    Here's my dilema though... Today I went to a sewing machine store in Shepherds Bush and the lovely store owner spent a little while showing me a Silver 1030 and telling me how it would last me forever.

    All through the demonstration though I couldn't take my eyes off this Vintage Singer Machine so I asked him about it. It's an electrical one and he told me it had been completely refurbished, being a vintage machine though it only sews straight stitch and back stitch in 5 different lengths. It has the signature curvacious shape and I believe it is metal and is really quite beautiful.

    So now don't know what to do...

    Are there any machinists here that have any advice? I don't want to do anything fancy on it don't need 30,000 different stitches or features... I just want one that is easy to use, will last me a while, stitches nicely and is reliable...

    My choices are:

    The Refurbished Vintage Electrical Singer...looks a tiny bit like this one

    The Silver 1030

    A Janome 2050

    I have to admit I am strongly leaning towards the old Singer.... No Zigzag stitch though, but my Janome Mini can do that...

    Any thoughts gratefully received!!



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    I think it all depends what you want to use it for. My DS has a Janome 10000 but uses her second hand Bernina far more, the latter being a proper little work horse and at 20 odd years old runs like a dream. So weigh up what you want it for if you still have the little Janome as back up probably cannot go far wrong. I have a large Janome plus the Gem, the Gem like your mini is ideal for freehand embroidery and for taking to fairs for demos as light weight and does what it says on the tin plus can move around the house.


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      OK, I have three machines... the oldest is a 91 year old had Singer and does only straight stitch but the other two fulfill specific needs.

      If you are going to do everyday sewing you will need a machine which buttonholes (ie has a satin stitch) and a blind hemming stitch. You also need to check that you are able to drop the running dogs on your machine or have a darning plate available to cover it.

      The reconditioned Singer machine which you link to is rather expensive for a reconditioned machine and you could certainly pick one up much more cheaply than that.

      If I had to choose from your selection I would go with the Janome... I promise you could pick up a Singer really easily, honest!



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        Thank you Caroline and Roslet!

        Roslet, it's not that exact machine... wouldn't pay that amount of money It's the closest looking to the one I saw though. I was silly and forgot to ask what model it was but will ring the man on Monday. He was offering it to me for £89.00 with a 1 year warranty. Probably a bit more than what I would pay on ebay but I like the peace of mind that the electrics have been checked and that it's working.

        I have been doing a bit of research and think if I get a Singer 201k i should be ok as it has various attachments that do the things you have mentioned such as a button holer?

        We only have a 1 bedroom flat at the moment so whatever I buy I will be stuck with as my OH will kill me if I buy ore than one!! I seem to be more and more set on a vintage one though!!

        Many thanks for all your help!
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