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Varnish to go over paper

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  • Varnish to go over paper

    I have glued some paper images onto a wooden surface.Id like to varnish over it to protect it.
    I have some varnish but have noticed its gone a bit flakey on other items.
    I was wondering if there was a particulat matt varnish used for this kind of idea?
    Any help appreciated.

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    Provided the whole paper and wood is thoroughly dry you should be able to use any wood varnish. Remember paper is made from timber. This is a general comment and I would advise a test on very glossy and heavily printed areas to ensure there are no compatability problems. A trick you could use before applying a varnish is to coat the surface with a diluted Resin W woodworking glue (the standard white wood glue) as this will bond any loose edges or fibres.



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      Thanks, I have some wood glue, I shall experiment.

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        Where do you want the wood to go? I can recommend a number of products .... indoor, outdoor, spray, brush, pour, matte, gloss, satin .... all craft varnishes suitable for wood.
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