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considering workshops, any advice?

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  • considering workshops, any advice?

    I am an art teacher whose timetable has changed immeasurably during my absence with long term illness, as such I now teach Health & Social Care and no longer have any Art (which I live and breathe!) ...yes, they can do that. I'm employed as a 'teacher' and can be deployed where neccessary more or less.

    As such,(enough of the moaning) I am eager to get my arty fix outside of work and I am considering setting up art & craft workshops either in my new house or at the local village hall.

    I am CRB checked which is a good starting point but I have no idea about insurance or telling the tax man etc - it's that sort of stuff that flusters me, I can do advertising, planning, ideas and costs etc.

    I want to do it properly!

    Any advice or experiences much appreciated!!

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    I started doing workshops teaching felting in January from my home. I have done things previously in my local village hall, but if you have the room I would recommend doing it from home as things are generally more comfortable for your students. We have an 'office/workshop' at the back of our house which we designate for work purposes which menas you can then claim some expenses back. I would advise your first step to register with the HMRC as self employed - they are often quite helpful. Being CRB checked is a bonus but I would advise you getting some public liability insurance at the very least.

    Good luck, I love doing my workshops - its a real buzz seeing other peoples joy at what they can create.
    Jo Slesser
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      I agree with Jo,

      Make sure you let HMRC know what you intend on doing and register as self employed to ensure your not hit with any fines.

      One other thing, if you intend on having the workshops from your home premises, then technically you need to contact your local council and have them come and check the property for council/business rates as these may change your current rates that you pay at the moment. The same goes for if your property is on a mortgage, although i dont know your particular circumstances, these are all things that should be looked into.

      And ofcourse, for advertising the workshops, your more then welcome to use our site below in my signature.

      Best of luck

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        You will also need to let your own home insurance company know that you are using it as a base. Mine were fine, but won't cover me if heat is used in a process eg. embossing heat gun
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          Thankyou people. I think I might start with the village hall, It's fairly cheap anyway. I thought I might need PLI are there any reccomendations?
          ..and thankyou for the advertising offer, I'll be in touch when i'm up and running!


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            Business Insurance

            Hello Giggles,

            Day to day I work for a business insurance broker; so I thought I would just say that you can get public liability insurance (PLI) to protect you when you are working at home and when you aren't combined. The PLI is designed to protect you if anyone attending your event was to trip and fall and then look to sue you.

            If you have any queries or questions please feel free to get in touch.

            Kind Regards