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epoxy resin - sanding & finishing issues

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  • epoxy resin - sanding & finishing issues

    I've been making some pieces using epoxy resin (Crystal brand). Afterwards the edges need smoothing down, and in some cases my moulds have little mould mark bumps in them which then need sanding off the finished piece.

    Every article online, and the book I have, says to sand the finished piece using increasingly fine wet and dry sandpaper. But no matter how fine the paper, I instantly lose the gloss surface and it becomes cloudy from the minute scratches.

    I've only ever found one article that acknowledges this (which seems odd, surely?) which suggests painting a thin coat of resin over the sanded parts to restore the transparency. This works, and is fine for edges, but when it's right in the middle on the front of your piece (like the mould marks are) it's always obvious and ugly - no matter how careful you are it can never be as perfect as a 'pure' face.

    Am I missing something really obvious? I feel like I must be since everything I read says 'sand it' and doesn't mention potential problems or how to fix them. I really, really hope someone can advise me. It's so frustrating when all the guides make something sound simple and nothing seems to address the problems that are consistently spoiling your stuff!