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Art of Knitting pattern confusion

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  • Art of Knitting pattern confusion

    Hi I wonder if anyone can help me put here because I am a little bit confused!
    I've been subscribing to the Art of Knitting (partly to pass it on to my girls when they are old enough and partly for the patterns etc) I am not an accomplished knitter, although i have been knitting for years. So i also thought it might help me with certain techniques i haven't come across before.
    Anyhow i've decided to do the throw, so have finally started on the first square. The pattern says to make a slipknot, cast on 27 stitches. This is probably going to sound really dense but what do they mean? Cast on 27 stitches in total including the slipknot or an additional 27 stitches not including the slipknot to make a total of 28 st?
    I've made loads of knitted items over the years and never been told to make a slipknot as part of the instructions before. Am blaming the baby brain but i just can't work out what they intend!

    Thanks in advance!

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    What do the other squares have as total stitches? would have thought a total of 28 most things have even numbers.


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      I would have thought 27 stitches in total myself, but I have only been knitting for 3 weeks so I might be wrong. It might be that the pattern could have been written for people who don't have a clue and telling them they need to start casting on with a slip knot perhaps?
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        There is one pattern for a square that says 28 stitches, the rest say 27 so that's unhelpful!
        One of the squares has a mock rib pattern, but i can't work it out in my head whether it should be even or odd!
        I ahve got baby brain as i have said lol so you must forgive me. Lets see if someone can explain it!
        It says for this square: make a slip knot. cast on 27 st
        The mock rib row reads: P1 *k1, p1 repeat from * to end. I think logically it needs to be even number of st can anyone confirm this cos I just can't work it out!
        What's even more annoying is that on none of the patterns that follow (except for the squares) does it say to make a slip knot, it just says cast on!
        I have emailed them as well btw.


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          Ah. No. 27 stiches it is then. If you count up the first is P1 and then you start the pattern within the asterist *K1 P1* to end so the actual pattern is an even number of stitches and then you add the first stitch making it an odd number of stitches. Def. 27 stitches in all.
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