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CAN YOU HELP ME PLEASE???? Looking for----

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  • CAN YOU HELP ME PLEASE???? Looking for----

    Roller blind material in bulk.

    I have tried fleabay, can get material there but not the right colour:-(

    I have phoned quite a few blind companies - but they will not sell just the fabric.

    Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Have you contacted the person who has it in the wrong colour, maybe they can do a special order for the colour you need or point you in the right direction??


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      These people may be able to help you

      Best of luck
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        Originally posted by greannancrafts View Post
        I have phoned quite a few blind companies - but they will not sell just the fabric.
        Did you ask the roller-blind companies who their suppliers are?

        If you want to make roller blinds, then it is hardly surprising that they don't want to supply you, but if you want it for another purpose entirely, such as for making luxury soap from the oil of pink sugared almonds grown by fairy princesses, then tell them this, and I would be surprised if they didn't give you some information.

        If you are looking for commercial quantities of fabric and can demonstrate that you are in business, I know of a few companies who supply a huge range of blind fabrics, but they are commercial suppliers, not hobby or small-scale suppliers. RA Irwin in Northern Ireland is one; Riva Fabrics in Blackburn, Lancashire is another.

        If you want a very small quantity of fabric, your best option might be to buy a couple of actual blinds - they are often discounted in sales, end-of-line and so on - and discard the fittings to use the fabric.