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  • Where can I find.....

    I'm in need of some hang tabs like these as I'm doing a show on Sunday and just realised some of my newer stuff doesn't have a hang slot on them.

    I've actually ordered these but they haven't arrived yet so if they're still not here tomorrow I'm going to have to try and find some when I go into Bury St Eds tomorrow to set up for the show. Does anyone know any shops that might sell them???
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    i've seen them in staples before. Don't know if you have one down there/.
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      Thanks Karen, unfortunately no there's not one in Bury, wonder if I can persuade DH to pop into the Cambridge one on the way home from work this afternoon? Seeing as he's giving up his entire weekend to help me with the show I'll have to do some serious begging.

      Just in case he says no, does anyone know anywhere else?
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        Have you got a shopfittings shop near you? They would probably have them.
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          I get my hang tabs from and they offer free next day delivery on orders over £29 so if you give them a call they may be able to make sure you get yours tomorrow.
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