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    Looking for some ideas for our kids craft corner for our summer fair in July. We have had some crafty stuff donated for this from a very kind local craft supplier - poster paints, coloured card, fathers, stick on eyes, pom poms.

    There is also going to be a fancy dress event. There will be a face painter and I thought it would be a nice idea if kids could make their own fancy dress outfits to go with their faces in the craft corner. Any ideas as to what could be made out of the above? I was thinking maybe the girls could make fairy wings - anyone made these before? Also thought the boys could make pirate hats.

    Anyone done anything like this before? Anything that goes down really well/really poorly? I think for the really little kids we will stick with the hand painting etc

    Any help much appreciated!

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    What about masks, you could buy or make some different blank masks then the kids could decorate them.
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      What about making hats or headbands out of card? For example depending on their face paint they could make pirate hats, rabbit/cat/dog ears, crowns/tiaras etc
      Hope this helps
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        Having done lots of art activities with crowds of want to be certain to set up things kids can do easily by themselves (although the "fathers" could help - just kidding...fathers...feathers... )

        It gets really REALLY stressful trying to help many kids at once.

        So, try to focus on things they can do all by themselves. They can decorate masks and stick fans that are ready to go. They can paint by themselves, just on paper...or have butcher paper stretched on a back drop and give them water pistols filled with paint and just let them have at it...nothing to take home....OR, you could have them aim at pieces of the card, at a short distance...they could take that home.

        Hopefully parents will be there to help their kid - but if they are, you can bet the kids WILL need help. It's funny that strictly on their own, kids are far more capable of relaxing and having fun doing free art. It's when there is a goal they are trying to copy...that's when they need SO MUCH HELP. So try to focus on free form art in such a busy setting. Maybe just large pieces of butcher paper on a fence, and they can have the poster paints and brushes and just do whatever they want...and kids do like large paper to paint on.


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          Thanks for that. Hadn;t noticed the fathers...... hehe


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            I am on the PTA at my daughter's school and crafty things are always very popular with the children! We usually stick to decorating blank items. There are a good selection in the Yellow Moon catalogue, like foam shapes, trinket boxes, wooden shapes, photo frames. All need to be purchased, of course, but if you're wanting something cheaper, you could try photocopying a simple mask template onto card for them to decorate (although, rather defeats the point of the face paint, I suppose!).
            I would suggest that fairy wings might be a bit big - they can use up a lot of materials if they are completely covered (and there are always some kids who want to stick the entire contents on their item!!) and may also take ages to complete - you really want something small and quick, so as many kids as possible get to have a go.
            Ooh - another idea, just re-reading your list of materials, how about pop-up puppets? A circle of card for a cone, piece of dowling as the stick, card cut into shapes to pop out of the cone - eg alien, monster, bunny etc and googly eyes/feathers/pom poms to decorate. I would probably do some assembly before-hand, so kids just choose a cone, a shape to pop and then get busy decorating them.
            Hope that helps to set you thinking of more ideas!


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              I agree, hat making would be very practical and fun, as well as being somewhat easy for a child to make (depends on age I guess!) good luck!
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