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Mould making for delicate imprints

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  • Mould making for delicate imprints

    I would like to make a mould with fine details, from which to make resin, fimo or PMC impressions to cast. The thing I want to imprint is delicate (a small (live!) rodent foot) so cannot be pressed down hard into something... and obviously I don't want a harmful substance stuck to their foot (but I guess a good mould material shouldn't stick anyway).

    Can anyone suggest a substance that would be good for this purpose?

    Thanks in hope!

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    Have you tried alginate? You can only cast once, say in plaster but then you could make a mould from the cast. Hope this helps.


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      Thank you - that might be worth a try!


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        I made casts of my childrens hands and feet with dental stuff, should be fine for rodents. Can't remember what it's called though. But then used plaster of paris which I'm not sure would work for rodents feet as might be too easily snapped when being released from the mould. You can possibly use other stuff instead of plaster though?

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          I think Alginate is the dental stuff. Happily I spotted it in the craft shop yesterday - for once I don't have to order online, woo!

          EDIT: Just been trying to find tutorials online and my concern with alginate is that it's liquid, so requires to original to be held in place until it's set? I'm pretty certain I won't manage that! The 2 part putty I tried managed to solidify before I could get a good print, there was so much wriggling going on!

          One thought to try was a tray full of salt dough to walk across (and hopefully not eat). I don't know if I can make it the right consistency but it's gotta be worth a try.
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            Problems with Plaster of Paris

            Hi there!

            Does anyone know whether Plaster of Paris eventually 'goes off', somehow?!
            I am trying to cast something pretty small, using some old plaster that's over a decade old. It's proper modelling plaster, rather than the industrial kind.

            I mixed it in 2 parts powder to 1 part water, and given how tiny my mould is I would have expected it to set really fast but several days later it is a bit harder but still crumbly. When I used plaster at art school, I'm sure it set pretty fast in much bigger amounts than I am working with here.
            I also remember at art school that as you stirred the plaster to mix it, it used to get warm and I've noticed that that didn't happen with this plaster - I wondered if that is a clue? Shall I chuck it out and buy some new plaster?!
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