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Engraving red deer antler

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  • Engraving red deer antler

    I am regularly asked by clients if I can engrave quotes or initials etc on the side of the fishing / game priests that I make. The priests are made from red deer antler and capped with buffalo horn , weighted with lead.

    I have tried using the smallest engraving bits on rotary tools but the antler is just too soft for these tools.

    Anyone have any advice regarding tools and techniques?

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    Hi there, good to see you and your beautiful sticks on the Crafts Forum.

    Not sure if I am going to be of any help but maybe using a pyrography pen might do the job, not that I have ever used one, but I'm sure I have seen it used on horn. There are some very experienced pyographers on here that I'm sure can offer you some advice or maybe try a bit for you to see if it works.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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      Be prepared for an almighty stink mind if you pyrograph it. It really does honk. Most rotary tools have speed control. Have you tried doing it with the speed right down slow?

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        Hi Mo, I've not considered using pyrography.... I'll definitely give that a go.

        You're dead right Pete, it does stink.... I work a lot with cow / buffalo / heep horn and various antlers and they all stink... I'm sort of immune to it now but my missus hates it!

        I've tried rotary engraving bits at various speeds but find them cumbersome... I miss the direct connection to the material when using power tools and find them awkward to work with.
        "Speak softly and carry a big stick - you'll go far"

        Custom Walking Sticks