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Request to the talented people here from a dog rescue

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  • Request to the talented people here from a dog rescue

    Hello everyone

    My name's Cathy, I run a dog rescue based in Devon called Once Loved Dog Rescue. We rescue and rehome dogs whose time has run out pounds in the UK, and who are due to be put to sleep

    Although the rescue isn't breed specific, I take in a lot of staffies, as they are a breed that are in terrible crisis, there are so many thousands of them dumped at the pound every week, and they are also being over-bred which just adds to the problem.

    As you can imagine, funds are always needed desperately...for example, I have dogs in emergency boarding kennels, waiting for foster homes, and as foster homes are in short supply, the wait can be a long one...I currently have two dogs still in kennels who have been there for months, and we are really struggling with the kennel fees for these dogs per week.

    I am hoping that someone here would be kind enough to donate some crafty items, doggie related ones would be great, but other kinds would be great too!

    Once Loved Dog Rescue has a large number of supporters and it would be of mutual benefit, as anything that was donated to the rescue for us to sell to raise funds would be seen by all the people who support the rescue. Plus we would dedicate a page on our website for those craft people who made a donation of their work. Plus we have a facebook page that currently has 3,011 members, and if craft people were willing to help us, we would post anything donated on that page, as well as a group set up specifically for any donated work that we would sell for funds.

    I don't think I'm allowed to put a link to my rescue website here, but if anyone would be interested in helping, please send me a pm. we would be so grateful!

    Thank you