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    Hi! I'm trying to create a set of paper wings for a cosplay costume. I'm trying to figure out how to tackle the frame and parts that will attach to me in a way where they'll seem "invisible". aka no giant straps around my shoulders. The wings will be quite large and the outfit I'll be wearing has a high neckline. I wish I could post a picture but I need more posts to do so
    Any suggestions would be highly appreciated Thanks!


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    Tbh, a harness will probably be the only way to have them stay put without flapping about (No pun in tended) if they are going to be large wings. Maybe though you could put the harness on first, then a top over it to hide it so that it doesn't show?
    Also wide elastic is also an easier item to use and will give you more support. You could also use dye or fabric paint to get the elastic the same colour as your outfit, to make it look more invisible.


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      Nice to see you here, you will soon knock up 25 posts by which time you will have solved your problem and we can all see your pics of the event.
      God helps them that help themselves.