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How do you make stretchy chain bracelets?

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  • How do you make stretchy chain bracelets?

    I've been trying to make a stretchy chain bracelet - it's a tad hard to's where you thread a cord between the loops of chains. my problem is when i finish threading the chains, they all slide down into a lump and leave the cord visible. i cant figure out what i need to do to keep the chain together.
    ive tried attaching the two ends of the chain but i still end up with a chunk of chain, and a thinly spaced out bit!
    it's really hard to explain. they look like the the goa charm bracelet on accessorise website - cant post links yet!
    hope someone can help! its bugging me soooooooo much

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    You need about 4ft of chain or more.
    Dearest Jackdaw



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      We sell these ready make with jump rings attached so that you can add your own charms, beads etc.

      Otherwise if you do want to make your own, I would just attach the two ends of chain together with a jump ring, that should blend in ok with it all. The ones we sell do have quite a lot of chain on them, which makes them look really full and makes it all evenly spaced out around the bracelet.


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        Hi. I use chunky chain and lots of it. Don't forget when you tie the knot of elastic, just put a touch of super glue on the knot to hold it in place.


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          Brilliant! Thanks for your responses!


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            I'm glad i came across this thread. I've been trying to figure out for ages how to make these bracelets
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              We had unravelled a ready-made one to see how much chain was needed and from memory it was about 1 meter of chain (medium link). You need to weave the elastic inside each link. If you can open the links then attach the two ends together at the end. You need thick elastic like 1mm.
              One of our customers was adamant it would be cheaper to make one than buy one, but it takes so long to make, it wasn't so much worth it, unless you want to use a specific chain.
              As for the knot, we never put glue unless it's the GS hypo cement glue as this one dries clear and more importantly flexible. Superglue can dry hard and brittle, damaging the elastic, same as nail varnish. Someone actually said to me one day if nail varnish can flake off her nails, then it won't stay on the knot either The ''secret'' is to pull really hard until the knot ''shrinks''.
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