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Can my imitation pearls be saved?

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  • Can my imitation pearls be saved?

    Hello all

    I have a set of imitation pearls that used to belong to my grandmother. They are in a bad way, with the imitation pearl coating cracked and coming off several of the beads. Even leaving them in the box more and more coating seems to be flaking off, but I want to wear them on my wedding day without them being ruined. I am not optimistic that they can be repaired, but is there anything I can do to stop them getting any worse?

    Thanks for any advice...


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    Perhaps track down a manufacturer that makes imitation pearls and see if they can help?

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      That sounds like good advice. Or perhaps you could stick them on cocktail sticks and give them a coating of clear gloss varnish to protect them?


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        Gloss varnish can yellow over time and is too thick, take each pearl and give it a coat of hairspray to fix the loose flakes and stop more coming off then give each pearl a coat of clear nail varnish if the pear coating is badly dammage try going to you local craft shop and buy a pearlised paint to match the colour and fill in any gaps with a small soft brush in dapping motions rather than stroking motions to avoid brush lines then give another coat of nail varnish to stop the paint flaking. I make lots of jewellery including pearl necklaces if you find some of the beads are too dammaged to fix I could use some of the old and some new to creat you a necklace for you wedding day. If you need any more help feel free to IM me.
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          Originally posted by IwInspired View Post
          Gloss varnish can yellow over time and is too thick,
          I think it depends on what you use. I use Winsor & Newton Galeria gloss varnish on my dolls, and with just one coat it isn't too glossy, or thick, and hasn't yellowed after at leats five years.
          What a lovely gesture to create a necklace for Jo's wedding day though. Very kind.