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Fabric covered etui boxes

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  • Fabric covered etui boxes

    Hello crafters,

    A long time ago I made a hexagonal box which falls open when you take the lid off, I have found a kit to do this in my stash of craft kits, but I have no instructions. I have googled it and have found some info, but I am planning to do a workshop at our craft group, can anyone tell me where I can purchase more kits, preferably without the material?

    Any info would be gratefully received..please!

    Thank you

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    Create and craft do something called an exploding box which sounds like the item your describing, may be worth looking at their site.

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      I found this:

      Not being a box or card maker, I have no idea what 'poster board' and 'mat board' are (though 'mat board' may be the board used for picture mounts?) Google is probably your friend for this?

      Hope this helps,
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        Thank you to you both I will have a look and see if it is what I am looking for.

        ..........Just had a look at the 'How' website, yes it is what I am looking for, I was hoping to purchase the templates/kits as I have one, but I must admit I bought it some years ago, they have obviously gone out of vogue, I may use mine as a template and buy some board and cut them out.

        Thank you again for your help
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          Pin flair have the kits for these, I remember making these in the 70's