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cut out numbers & how?

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  • cut out numbers & how?

    I've a few dresses to sew this week in preparation for my first fair of the year saturday next weekend.

    If I get them all finished, I have project I am desperate to get completed and wondered if you can help?

    I'm making a height chart tree, crazy patchwork style but not sure how to do numbers up the side?

    I have a bigshot but no number dies, I can handcut them out or draw around templates, but then would have to use that fusable stuff to stick them on.

    any other ideas of how I can make or obtain numbers and attach them? I only need them to be about an inch tall max...maybe just multiples of 5, so I'd do 5, 10, 15 etc.

    Was thinking with a fabric marker, but not sure a, how this would look on brown fabric and b, actually how professional it would look.

    any ideas anyone?
    my folksy
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    also to say I check out sizzx and found the alphabets, but the sherif one is too skinny and the *lovely* butterfly one looks perfect, but no numbers

    my folksy
    Kryshees Blog


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      I think hand cut would ive you the nicest result I'm afraid. You coud use fabric glue to stick them on.
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        I cut out felt letters by hand for my tooth fairy pillow and glue on with PVA.
        They seem to work ok.
        Takes a while to cut out though!
        Lisa x
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          ah ha!!!

          I've dug out my old quickutz and ironed on stuff to felt...and my bigshot 'dealt' with it! Woohoo! So nice chunky numbers in felt ready fo some iron on action!

          Just need to finish the dresses and get started on my project! woohoo!

          Thanks eljay and silverthistle over on twitter for helping too.

          ps: lisa, shout if you want any!
          my folksy
          Kryshees Blog


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            if you have access to a heat press somewhere local..tshirt sellers do the numbers/letters ... cut them from tshirt vinyl and heat seal them to the material.
            i could cut you the numbers but an irons not good enough to adhere them to the fabric.
            tshirt vinyl comes in all colours of the rainbow and even in metallics which look great on dark fabrics.


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              oo vinyl sounds fab! I might come back to you as I haven't officially started this project yet and really need to finish the dresses, but OOOOO!
              my folksy
              Kryshees Blog


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                you can always pm me ... vinyls a great solution can also do the flocky type vinyl that feels like a felt.