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Dry Cleaning Your Products (felt)

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  • Dry Cleaning Your Products (felt)

    Hoping someone can offer some pearls of wisdom on this!!!

    I'm just putting the finishing touches to my felted bags ready to take them to trade, and I'm having some trouble with the product care instructions...

    Some of the bags are "just" wet felted, but someone of them are wet felted with designs needle-felted to the front. Now obviously these can't go into the washing machine as the needle felting with distort, so I'd intended to put "dry clean only" on the care tag. However, I'm concerned that that might put people off, so I was wondering if anyone knew of either a) a way of dry cleaning at home with either a spray or foam, or b) if anyone can advise a way of wet cleaning the felt without distorting them.

    I've tried cleaning with smaller samples but scared to death of putting a finished bag in the washing machine!!!!
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