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Help needed to recover lampshades

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  • Help needed to recover lampshades

    Hi everyone, I have been 'voluntered' to recover 7 of these lampshades. As you can see by the picture they have seen better days lol. I have looked for tutorials online but none are really helpful. Just wondered if anyone could help.
    Many thanks
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    I would......carefully dismantle one, unpick the seams, and you have an instant pattern piece.
    Then use your imagination to pick prettier fabric, parchment or whatever you desire to cover it with. Lay on the pattern piece/ex bit of old lamphsade cover and cut out. Repeat until you have enough pieces. Assemble (do the unpicking backwards).
    If your efforts look a bit messy, a quick trip to your local wool/haberdashery/hobby shop to pick out some pretty trim. Sew or stick over the grotty bits. That's what it's for.

    I would do one first - as you can learn from your mistakes or might want to alter the design a bit.

    A tip - you have to do a bit of maths - but if you want removable, washable covers make it overlap slightly top and bottom and run elastic through the 'tube' left by your seam. That way the cover pings on and pings off.


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      Cut the new pieces of material out on the bias so that it will hug the frame.


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        Glowingsunsets you are a treasure, thats where I was going wrong. Thank you AnnieAnna I carefully removed the old cover which then promptly disintegrated in my hands, but I have enough of the pieces to make a paper pattern (I hope).
        Have been looking at fire retardent fabric which is really expensive, so am wondering if it would be ok to spray with fire retardent spray. They are for an elderly couple so don't want to take any risks.


        (Reps given to you both)


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          Disintegration! Oh no! I hadn't factored that in. Visions of you taking 10 years to painstakingly piece all the bits together time team museum style.

          I have good news for you. I did experiments with spray on fire retardant that you can get from big haberdashery shops and no doubt online.
          It worked a treat. I couldn't get the fabric to burn.
          There is also an old fashioned solution, which was just as effective. You make a solution of borax and dunk the fabric in it.


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            Thank you AnnieAnna the fabric was a little too expensive but the spray is only about £15. I didn't know about borax being a fire retardent although I do use it to rinse my hair. Have managed to piece together and get a paper pattern, going to do a sample, I could have cried when it just fell to bits.
            Will post pics of the sample.