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  • Personalised candles

    Hi again.
    How do you go about making these lovely candles.I have seen them on ebay,and have a few celebrations comming up,and thought maybe I could do my own.
    They come under the heading of wedding/christening favors,and adding the bits and peices look easy enough,its just the writing.Is it a special tool thats required could I ask.I have done searches on the pc but can find nothing,only where to buy them.Some even have pictures on them.Its typical of me to see and want to start something that looks difficult never having been really great at crafts,but they are so nice Id love to try.
    Many thanks for your help.

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    Hi there, i am sorry i cant be of much help, i used to make candles, until a lady went big and opened up a big shop, which i could not compete with, she does all that stuff with the pictures and writing on them. All i know is that she got photos made into acetate paper and put them on the candle with wax, as for the writing again, it was printed on acetate and then stuck onto the candle with warm clear wax. Hope this helps you.
    Chris xx


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      Thank you

      Many thanks for that chris,in fact I searched for hours and came up with the info at long last,and yes its like you say,or by useing rub on transfers.It all looks quite fiddly,but Im willing to give it a go.Thanks again.x


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        Yes give it a go, i never bothered,i have no patience hehee, i know you can put on like tattoo transfers and if you can get someone thats good with a computer and printer, then you can print of whatever you want onto either acetate or transfer paper.
        Good luck

        Have you seen the snakes and dragons in that whats it called, candle supplies in London, am sur eyou call him that, the owner is called David??


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          I know where you get the printer paper from.

          This company has any sort of media you can print on, yours are the peel off decals.

          They also have free clipart to use, great site.

          Have used them myself and they are very cheap.

          I also do yeovil show ground car boot sale on sundy afternoons.

          I have lots of charms, including Italian ones, stickers, stickopotamus and die cuts.