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  • Stamping for plates

    I am a newbie here,and you will proberly gather that from the question I am going to ask.Is it possible to use one of those stampers on paper plates useing food colouring as the ink.
    The reason I am asking is that its my grandson's christening soon,and I need lots of plates.I have got some "proper" ones,but they are quite expensive for the amount I am going to need.So I had this brainwave lol, but am unsure if its possible to do,hence asking you who knows.Id be grateful for any replies.Thank you........

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    Thats a really good idea.

    I think it should work.
    My main concern is that it may dry out quickly(dont know why, it just popped in my head)plus youd have to make an ink stamp like the flat ones you can buy so it can be inked up properly.I think if its brushed on on dabbed on with cotton wool it may get in nooks and crannies and ruin the end result.

    I think you can buy empty ink pads in craft shops, may be worth getting one then adding the food dye.

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      Thank you

      Thanks for that seahorse,wow that was a quick reply,I only just wrote it.
      I had this idea yesterday after seeing a lovely stamp of a church on ebay,and got it without looking into it,well it was so nice I had to.
      Anyway I will give it a go,and fingers x'd it will work.Thanks again.


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        Quick response!!Im at work surfing the net.I have such a dull job Im actually sat next to a box of craft stuff which I bring in so I actually have some kind of work to do.

        It was probably a slow response considering.

        Good luck,let us know how it goes.

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