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New Baby Sister Card???

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  • New Baby Sister Card???

    I'm looking for a bit of inspiration here and though who better to ask than you lot

    My friend has just had a little baby girl (going to see them on Monday so I can coo) and I'm in the middle of making a card for them and also a card for their 7 year old daughter so she doesn't feel left out.

    I've got the designs sorted but I'm stuck on the wording for the front of the little girl's card Something like 'To a New Big Sister' or ' Congratulations on your baby sister' or 'A New Baby Sister' that kind of thing but I'm not sure what. What would you put for a 7 year old?

    BTW she's very pleased about getting a sister as she wouldn't even contemplate the possibility of having a 'smelly brother'

    Ta very much for any suggestions
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    I like to a new big sister.
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      What about something like - A Very Special New Big Sisiter - or is that too gobby?



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        I like 'New big sister' to. Do we get to have a look at the cards? We don't get to see many cards as finished projects.
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          I made one for Anya when Tara was born - it said 'Congratulations on becoming a big sister' and had a butterfly embellishment on the front cos she likes butterflies.
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            Thank you guys you've helped me clarify it in my head - will go with Big Sister (probably 'to a special big sister') as it makes it more about her rather than the baby IYSWIM

            And Emma yes you will see the finished cards as I've kinda promised Mr Media that I'd put them on the CraftyBlog....once I've managed to take a decent piccy of them that is.

            Thanks again
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